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1. What are the trading hours?


Trading at Bursa Malaysia from Monday to Friday, except on public holidays and other market holidays (when the Exchange is declared closed by the Bursa Malaysia Committee)

Trading Phases Time
1st Session Pre-Opening
Opening and Continuous Trading
12:30pm - 2:00pm
2nd Session Pre-Opening
Opening and Continuous Trading
Trading at Last

Note: All unmatched orders during the first session will be automatically carried forward to the second session and shall be considered as valid for the whole trading day.

2. Why are there stocks listed under Top Volume during Pre-Opening (Bursa)?

Some counters may be displayed under Top Volume during pre-opening hours (8.30am – 8.58am), due to reporting requirements for married trades executed after trading hours.

3. What does Theoretical Opening Price (TOP) refer to (Bursa)?

Theoretical Opening Price (TOP) allows investors to have a half hour ‘viewing period’ before the market opens in the morning and afternoon session. For example, trades and the theoretical opening price for each counter can be seen from 8.30am until 9am before the market starts to trade. This scenario is also applicable for the afternoon trading session. This feature allows investors to better analysis the market sentiment and share performance due to the transparent pre-opening period.

4. What are the order validity types available?

Day - Day orders expire automatically if not matched or canceled on the trading day that it is placed.

Good-Til-Date (GTD) – GTD orders remain active until a user-specified date, unless it has been matched or canceled.


Order Submission

1. What are the bid sizes for the respective markets?


You can key in share prices for an order of up to 10 bids from the last done price. The share price bid sizes are shown in the table below. 

Share price bid sizes
Share Price Bid Size
Below RM1.00

0.5 sen

RM1.00 up to RM9.99

1 sen

RM10.00 up to RM99.98 2 sen
RM100.00 and above 10 sen
2. How can I adjust my trading limit?

Please contact your Trading Representative / E-Business Representative for assistance.

3. What is the minimum number of shares I can place per order?


The minimum number of shares you can place in an order is one lot. The lot size, which is determined by the respective Exchange, will be displayed on the Place Order page after you have selected the stock.

4. What is the maximum number of shares I can place per order?


The maximum number of shares you can place in an order is 500,000 shares. For orders greater than 500,000 shares, please enter multiple orders in smaller quantity.

5. Can I place an order for odd lots of shares?


Odd lots placement can be done online when you access the UTRADE trading platform using Internet Explorer.
6. Can I place an order for the next trading day when the market is closed?


Yes. Orders received after trading hours will be directed to our central buyer when the market reopens the next trading day.



1. I am currently holding on to some shares, can I sell them online

Yes, however please ensure that your shares are in your UOBKH Securities (M) Sdn Bhd designated CDS sub-account. If your Malaysian shares are held with other stockbroking houses, please arrange with your other broker to transfer the shares into your UOBKH Securities (M) Sdn Bhd designated CDS sub-account.

2. What are the charges for the transfer of shares?

UOBKH Securities (M) Sdn Bhd to other custodians charge RM10 per counter

3. How long will the transfer take?

Share transfer is immediate.

4. Will I be notified if I have insufficient share holdings when selling?

Yes, you will be notified.



1. How do contra trades work?

Orders placed online are automatically contra on a first-in-first-out basis. However, please note that our in-house policy is that all contra trades have to be done by T+3.


Need Help?
1800 UTRADE /
1800 88 7233

Email: contact@utrade.com.my
Operating hours: 8:30am-5:30pm
Mon to Fri, except Public Holidays

Account Opening


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