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1. How do I login to UTRADE Trading Platforms?

Step 1: Access our homepage at http://www.utrade.com.my

Step 2: Key in your USER ID and Password under the "Online Trading Login" section located at the top right area of the webpage.

2. Why am I being prompted of an invalid login?

The UTRADE Trading Platform will automatically prevent someone from logging into the system if an incorrect user ID or password is used. Please take note of the following:

  • The caps lock, as the password is case sensitive.
  • You have keyed in the correct user ID and password.

3. What will happen if I have too many unsuccessful login attempts?

For your protection, your online account will be blocked after three unsuccessful login attempts. Please contact E-Business Rep at +603 2147 1900 during operating hours for assistance.

4. Who can I contact if I have forgotten my user ID or password?

Please contact E-Business Rep at +603 2147 1900 during operating hours for assistance.

Alternatively, you can retrieve your existing password by clicking on the “Forgot Password?” button and entering your User ID or email address at the Online Trading Login area.

5. What security measures do UOBKH practice to protect my online trading?

As there are inherent risks involved when trading online due to the nature of the Internet, we endeavor to have the best and most up-to-date methods of security when it comes to your transactions within the UTRADE Trading Platforms.  

There are some of the security features we have in place to protect your online trading include: 

  • Multiple Firewalls
  • All information from clients' computers via the Internet is sent for safety checks before arriving to the internal systems to ensure that only authorized messages and transactions enter the servers. It also serves to prevent hacking into our trading systems.  

  • 128-bit SSL Encryption
  • To protect your data from being tampered with during transmission, all information exchanged on the secure pages are encrypted using the 128-bit SSL encryption. Any data that you send will be scrambled into an unrecognized form before it is transmitted to our server. For more information on the SSL encryption technology, please visit here

  • Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
  • The IDS provides 24x7 network security surveillance and proactively prevents security breaches to guard our websites and systems against intrusion.  

  • Unique User ID and Password
  • You are identified uniquely by your user ID and can only log into the secured portions of the system with your password. Transactions will only be authorized with your valid user ID and password.
6. What should I do to ensure security when I am trading online?

  • Log out before exit the browser
  • To ensure that you close the session successfully, you should always log off by clicking "Logout" on the top right corner before closing the browser.

  • Ensure you have the latest browser
  • With the latest browser version, you will have the more up-to-date security features.

  • Clear your cache after each session
  • When you login to the UTRADE Trading Platforms, temporary files are stored in your system's cache. You can clear your cache after each session by following these steps:

    1. Step 1: Select "Tools" >> "Internet Options
    2. Step 2: Select "General" tab.
    3. Step 3: Click on the "Delete Files" button under the Temporary Internet Files.
    4. Step 4: Tick the "Delete all offline content" and click on "OK"
    5. Step 5: Click on "OK" and save the changes

  • Avoid sharing or using shared / public computers

  • Sharing or using shared or public computers to access UTRADE Trading Platforms is a potential security risk on your part. If you use a shared or public computer, ensure that you disable AutoComplete, log out, and clear your cache after your session.

  • Ensure adequate security if on a wireless network.

  • Be certain that the wireless network has been configured to incorporate network security, including but not limited to, data encryption.

  • Check your account regularly

  • Always check your order history regularly to ensure that all details are updated and there has been no unauthorized access to your account. Please inform us immediately if you suspect unauthorized access on your account.

  • Regularly update your contact details.

  • Keep us updated on your latest contact details to facilitate us in contacting you when necessary.

  • Protect your computer against malicious viruses.

  • You are advised to install and update anti-virus software. Do not install software programs from an unknown source. Certain viruses and programs may capture sensitive personal data without your knowledge. You can prevent this by constantly updating your anti-virus software and regularly scanning your system.

  • AutoComplete Disabled.

  • The AutoComplete function has been disabled to minimise unauthorised access into the system.

7. What should I do to protect my password?

  • Avoid simple passwords that can be easily guessed such as NRIC numbers, birth dates.

  • Use a password that is alphanumeric (e.g. uobkh2459) and avoid sequential numbers (e.g. 123456, abcdefg, qwerty).

  • Change your password regularly or when you suspect that your password has been discovered or used by others.

Note: UOBKH will never request for clients to disclose their passwords under any circumstances.

8. How do I change my password?

After successfully login to UTRADE trading platform, you may change your password under "Change Password" tab located at the top right area.

Upon completion, the system will generate a pop-up message to confirm that your password is changed successfully.

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